Only The Best

Created For You, By You

Our dog food is created with you and your furry companion's specific needs in mind. Every order is made fresh, and completely customized to your specifications using only your ingredient choices. It's like having a local to-go restaurant for your furry family - only healthier!! Instead of reading an ingredient list wishing there was or wasn't something in it, the entire list of ingredients is created by you! If you want rice, you get rice. If you don't want rice, then there's no rice. Plain and simple. We use only whole ingredients that have been sourced locally right here in Utah, and/or in the USA (with the exception of some fresh fruits and veggies that may be sourced from other countries depending on the season); never from China. No fillers, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or byproducts are ever used, period! 

Compassion and Kindness

Every Little Bit Matters

We work with small, local family farms who allow their animals to roam free whenever possible. We are lovers of all animals, and know the horrors that are standard practice in factory farms. Being mindful of the ingredients we choose not only ensures better food for our furbabies, but it also helps promote a more ethical way of producing the animal protein we use. We make it our mission to cause as little suffering as possible. 

No Skimping

Healthy Food and Happy Mutts - It's What Matters Most

We use only human grade ingredients that are safe for human consumption - something commercial dog foods can't offer because they are packed with dangerous ingredients, chemicals, fillers, and byproducts. Simply put, if it's not good enough for us, it's certainly not good enough for our furbabies!!

Our food is made fresh and cooked at low temperatures for a short period of time to preserve nutrients naturally. The food is then sealed in BPA free pouches, refrigerated to maintain freshness, and held for pickup or delivered right to your door.

We don't use anything artificial, and that includes vitamins. Commercial dog food's supplement their recipes with vitamins that are man-made synthetic and often sourced from China. This not only puts your furbaby's health at risk, but it doesn't offer them a good source of natural vitamins and minerals that are vital to their health. 

Let's face it, there's no need to try and alter the expertise of Mother Nature. All of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals we provide are naturally occurring from whole foods which have incredible species-specific benefits. 

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