Healthy Organic Dog Food Made Fresh

Custom order conventional and organic dog food made fresh using only human grade ingredients and BPA free packaging. No artificial anything - ever.

Made with love in West Jordan, Utah

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Since we are currently in the process of transferring everything from this site to our online store, we are changing up our content here, and plan to turn this site into our blog. So be sure to add this page to your bookmark to keep up with stories, news, learning info and more. Thank you so much!

Our Passion

Healthy Food for Happy Mutts

Commercial dog food is made with unhealthy and dangerous ingredients that cause more harm than good. Dry kibble is packed with powerful preservatives to extend shelf life, and can cause problems with the liver, kidneys, skin, heart, and overall health of our furry companions. It's no wonder health problems are on the rise, creating increased vet bills and decreased quality of life. 

The Heart Behind Mindful Mutt

In Honor of Loved Ones Passed and Loved Ones Present

Dedicated in loving memory to our sweet boy, Chance, who survived two full years with congestive heart failure before his little heart just couldn't carry on. Shortly after Chance was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, we made it our priority to make sure he was eating only the best food, made fresh with wholesome ingredients. 

Since we couldn't find anything available commercially, we went to work creating our own. Combining healthy whole food, regular visits to the vet, and management medications, we were able to slow down the progression of CHF for our sweet boy. We believe in our hearts that he survived as long as he did because he was fed a diet that was healthy and wholesome putting less stress on his system that would have required the metabolism of highly processed ingredients.

Chance's legacy is being carried on by his brother Spike and sisters Missy and Ellie, and will continue to carry on by sharing our wholesome food with other furbabies so they can live long, healthy, happy lives. 

It's our mission to make sure furry companions everywhere thrive while they're alive.